Active Listing – 2750 E Bates Ave

This home is a gorgeous remodel in Southern Hills with beautiful, vaulted ceilings and tasteful renovations. It offers a very open layout with ample space for living and entertaining – both indoors and outdoors!

The seller chose to locate one of the 3 bedrooms on the main floor away from the other two and didn’t put a door on the room. This could prove to be problematic as many buyers would want this room to serve as a proper bedroom. Additionally, the ceilings in the basement feel a bit low and might be less desirable to some buyers.

The list price seems aggressive to me – even for a remodeled home of this size in the spring market. The only homes in Southern Hills that have sold in this range were new builds with significantly more square feet. I see a more appropriate price for this house being in the $1.15M range.

This property is Listed by The Kentwood Company

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