3770 E Dartmouth Ave Listing Review

While located right on Dartmouth Ave, this home backs to the beautiful Wellshire golf course and offers an over 17,000 square foot lot. This home feels incredibly well cared for, open and ready for a buyer’s updates. 

The fact that it is on a semi busy street (Dartmouth) isn’t great, the beautiful of the large backyard right on the golf course more than makes up for that. Additionally, the price allows for a buyer to really update the existing spaces and make it their own. The key hinderance might be the fact that there are only two bedrooms on the main level, but there is more than enough space to add a third bed on the main level and move things around. 

Ultimately, I think this home will need to come down a bit from where it is currently in order to make sense for the next owners to put money into it. 

This property is Listed by COLDWELL BANKER RESIDENTIAL 24

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