3695 E Dartmouth Listing Review

This home was on the market last fall and then recently re-introduced at a lower price. At first pass, this home is great because it offers three separate living areas on the main level alone. 

Unfortunately, all the living space comes at the cost of offering only 2 bedrooms in over 4000 square feet of living space. On top of that, there is no master bedroom and the two bedrooms on the main level are large, but they share a hall bathroom. The kitchen has been updated, but the bathrooms need updating and frankly the entire floorplan could use an overhaul.

Unfortunately, I think most people seeing this home would want to gut this home to reimagine a floorplan that allows a master suite and two bedrooms on the main level plus a 4th bedroom and family room in the basement. To make that happen, the sales price on this home will need to be significantly lower than it currently is. I think this home will need to come down into the $700k’s.

This property is Listed by Atlas Real Estate Group

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